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yuurei-san {幽霊さん}

neither here nor there

Just your typical slightly madder than average 25 year old, who has been on the net scene since 1996, with a love of reading that is strong (and uncontrollable) enough to be comparable to a crack habit. Books are my life, without a doubt. I have plenty of interests, from cooking, writing, anime/manga, collecting various objects and so on, but I mainly use my lj to post whatever happens to be on my mind at the time. I'm fairly dry and sarcastic, so don't say you weren't warned, but I have my nice side as well, and that's what you'll see the most, since net-time in itself usually puts me in a better mood. I do have a tendency to fangirl and be filthy-minded at times. I call it the spice that makes life more interesting, but I know it's not for everyone.

The other purpose of my lj was originally a place to post whatever I wrote, since I didn't do it often enough to justify having a writing journal for it. But now I do, so check out my writing journal dramabombs if you're interested. What I write for tends to vary, but thus far it is mainly Hetalia and TYPE-MOON.
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ON FRIENDING: If you want to friend me, that's totally fine by me. Just comment on my latest entry to let me know that you're doing it and why, because checking my profile page and wondering who some of these people friending me are always weirds me out a little. Plus, it'll let me know to friend you back.

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